Bernadette Mitchell

a designer in Atlanta.

About Bernadette

Hi! I'm an experienced graphic designer who was born in New Jersey, studied design in Philadelphia and currently resides in Atlanta! As a child I was constantly being told that I had the gift of creativity - I took those comments to heart and have since been working to make the world a little more thoughtfully designed. While my background is rooted in print media, time and technological progress have shifted my focus to user experience, interface and web design.



I cut my teeth on tangible marketing collateral…but the digital world shift makes it even more important to have intelligently designed print media.


No one likes to stumble around on a website blindly. It needs to be pretty and functional. Let’s make the internet beautiful together.


Clear focus of a brand's core values, strategy and vision is not only important to the customer; its important to the brand istelf. How you present to the market needs to be clear and calculated.

Let's work together.

I am a hungry designer who is ready to take on the world;
reach out and let's make the world a more nicely designed place.